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WHEN, the World Home Education Network, suggests:
  • That laws that force children to attend school, against the will of themselves and of their parents, should be abolished. Such laws deny people their unalienable liberties, they violate moral and ethical values and do not make sense from a socio-economic perspective either.

  • That many educational institutions are closed shops. They are linked by accreditation into an unhealthy cartel. University degrees and other academic qualifications act as entry tickets into well-paid employment, since many occupations are only open to people with specific educational qualifications. This is a system of privilege and discrimination that is government-sponsored in a legal and financial sense. The prevention of competition and associated unfair trade practices indoctrinate society with unhealthy values.

  • That the subject matter that is typically taught at school, including he basic premise behind science and academic knowledge, i.e. the idea that there are universal laws and rules that do not change over time, is based on inferior beliefs. Instead, WHEN supports optionality, which allows for the wide diversity that is so common among homeschoolers.

What is WHEN?

WHEN is the World Home Education Network, a loose network of groups and individuals who focus on legal issues that affect homeschoolers. THEN, and its successor WHEN, have been studying legal cases worldwide for more than a decade. WHEN is always interested in the details of case studies and precedents. Furthermore, WHEN likes to assist in fundraising, with the prospect of supporting test cases that could challenge compulsory schooling laws worldwide. If you like, post a message at any of the WHEN discussion groups and lists below. The About WHEN page gives further background about WHEN.

WHEN Action!

For more than a decade, WHEN has been active and has taken initiatives to improve the situation. Have a look at some of the WHEN action details and the action planned for the future.

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Many issues relate
to the three points
to the left, e.g.:
  • Why is school privileged in so many ways? Should homeschoolers pay tax to support the school habits of other families? Can we refuse to pay tax? Should we engage in fundraising to help families who challenge the system?

  • Does compulsory school constitute age-discrimination? Should we challenge the law in court on this or other grounds? Should we bring cases in the spotlight of the media?

  • What's wrong with the subject matter taught at school? Why is school out of step with modern times? What attitude is taught at school? How and why can we do better?

  • Is education an insidious scheme to hide the true level of unemployment? What are the politics behind school?
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